Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jayden finally lost a tooth!

Jayden is showing off his loose tooth!

Finally! His tooth fell out! He got two dollars from the tooth fairy, which he added to his other savings and he bought a Yoda since he likes Star Wars. Later that night he asked if the tooth fairy was real. I asked him what he thought, he said "I don't think so". Why, I questioned. He responded, "I don't think a little fairy could lift my heavy head off the pillow." Well I had to agree. One tooth out, lots more to go.

Nyla's 45th Birthday

Caleb, Hannah and Jayden after church

The girls Hannah, Robin, me and Jolene after church

Jolene and Jacob

Opening of the gifts, all the kids wanted to help. Ben gave me the Willow Tree statue for courage thanks Ben.

Robin catered my birthday tea party. She and her mom worked until 2:00 am preparing the food. It was a lovely tea! Thanks Robin!

Kila was able to come as well. My dad liked having her there as well. Kila - Nyla her name is easy to remember.

This is the beautiful bouquet Jolene and the kids made for me. It is her new talent. So call her if you are in need of a bouquet for a love one. It was a happy-sad gift as she got into a fender bender while buying the supplies. But no one was hurt and the people in the other vehicle were okay. It took place in the Winco parking lot. There are always too many people there! And Winco did not have any flowers. IT was a wasted trip!

The ladies who attended the tea. Hannah wanted to stay but then she decided with a little help to go to the park to play with Grandpa.

Robin brought all the kids candy. She gave Jayden and Caleb these long gummy snakes. They loved them. I finally agreed to take a bite of Jayden's and I must admit it was gross to bite a snake even though I knew it was candy.

It was a fun happy birthday weekend thanks to Scott and the kids!

Made by Lena